Monday, August 31, 2009

Who is Ahnsahnghong?

That was my first question, to my best friend who joined the Church of God World Mission Society, when he told me Ahnsahnghong is indeed second coming Christ. No way, it doesn't even sound like a name God will have. These were my own thoughts not wanting to see proof in the bible, how ignorant I was. I asked my friend "Can you please show me where in the bible does it say Ahnsahnghong?" ...because in my mind I was 100% sure that the name can not be found. My friend replied "Can you please show me Jesus' name anywhere in the Old Testament, because before Jesus came to this earth, the Old Testament was all that existed!" I could not say a word, and it was then when I realized that the only way to recognize God when He comes to this earth is not through my own ignorant and stubborn mind, but only through the prophecies of the bible. How can I, a mere man even try to go against the prophecies and scriptures in the bible when I myself don't even know them. I thank God for allowing me to recognize Him unlike the Jews 2000yrs ago who knew the bible but didn't recognize their own God and Savior.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Heavenly Mother...God in the flesh?

I often wondered, how cool would it be if God came in the flesh. Or, how cool would it be if the driver on the other side of the road is God checking on me to see how I am. These were normal thoughts as a child and teenager. It was when a friend of mine was invited and attended a church called Church of God World Mission Society. He told me he was shown through the bible that God is male and female.

ME: "What? Male and Female....God?" "Please, show me where in the bible does it say that, because I've never heard of this"
So my friend shows me the verse; Genesis 1:26 and 27.
ME: "Wait a minute, why did God who is only male say...let US?"
Friend: "The reason why God said "let US" is because God is more than one, male and female."

So, I asked and asked people whom I thought were familiar with the bible, and they all told me what I also thought prior to hearing what my friend showed me.

Their answer: "God is Father, Son, Holy Spirit...that's why God said let US"
Me: "Hey, that makes a little sense"
until my friend showed me this same verse once again.

Friend: "God said let US...male and (female?) were created in the image of God"
ME: "WHAT!!!" "Female?" "Father, Son, Holy Spirit are not female. What is going on?"
Friend: "It is because God is plainly Male (Father God) and Female (Mother God)"
ME: "Ok, I feel better now, this makes so much more sense.
Friend: "Wait, there's more....She's here on earth right now, I'll show you in the bible"